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Dear Congress: Everything You Need to Know to Solve the Debt Ceiling Crisis You Learned in Kindergarten

Dear Members of Congress:

You probably shouldn’t be wasting time reading my blog post – as right now you have more important things to do, like preventing a chain-reaction, global economic meltdown caused by the crisis you manufactured around the debt ceiling. But in the event you have to take a potty break, and brought your iPad into the stall with you – this might be a helpful read, and more productive than Googling yourself to see how many Americans have cursed your name within the last 24 hours. Continue reading

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A Better Way to Shine a Light Than Book Burning

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not exactly a strong believer in organized religion.  I am spiritual, and have always sought my own path to better understanding divinity – often through interactions with, and the writings of, spiritual … Continue reading

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Dog Ears and eBooks

I love that a book can simultaneously be part of the inner architecture of my mind and the outer architecture of my environment. Continue reading

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(Virtual) Ties That Bind

A virtual light shined and technology, of all things, exposed those delicate filaments, invisible ties that bind and connect us all. Continue reading

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